Spider Veins in Sandusky, OH

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What Are Spider Veins?

Many people have a misunderstanding when it comes to spider veins and think the term is interchangeable with visible veins. Visible veins are normal functioning veins that are close to the surface of the skin. However, there are important distinctions between spider veins and visible veins. Spider veins are most similar to varicose veins, but spider veins are smaller and close to the surface of the skin. While varicose veins can be deeper and appear as flesh-toned, red or blue ropey twists, spider veins are smaller and look more like a web (hence “spider”). Spider veins most commonly occur on the legs and face (due to Rosacea). These veins are visible and red or purple in color and can present symptoms of pain, aching, burning and swelling.

What Causes Spider Veins?

Spider veins can develop for a number of reasons including:

  • Injury
  • Hormonal changes
  • Venous conditions, such as weak valves, which can occur with age
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Rosacea

What Is The Treatment For Spider Veins?

In most cases, spider veins are simply a cosmetic issue. While not a health risk, they can be a source of anxiety or embarrassment, especially when very noticeable or dark. To help patients feel better about their appearance, we offer spider vein treatment with sclerotherapy.

If you have spider veins, contact us today for a consultation. The board-certified radiologists at Vein and Body Specialists will evaluate your symptoms and choose a spider vein treatment plan just for you. Located in Bellevue and serving Sandusky, Fremont, Norwalk and the surrounding communities in Ohio, we look forward to helping you look and feel your best.