Skin Discoloration with Vein Disease in Sandusky, OH

Skin Discoloration in Sandusky, OHSkin discoloration caused by vein disease can often be an embarrassing problem to have, but it doesn’t have to control what you wear and where you go anymore. With new options on the market to take care of your skin discoloration, you’ll be back to wearing skirts and short sleeves in no time.

The Cause

When you have vein disease, sometimes the valves in the veins become so weak or damaged, they can’t pump blood successfully to the heart anymore. When this happens, blood pools in the legs and feet, creating excess pressure. The pressure keeps building and eventually becomes too much for the lower extremities to handle, resulting in blood leaking into the soft tissue. This causes skin discoloration.

The Treatments

There are multiple ways to treat skin discoloration as a result of a vein disorder. The treatments offered at Vein and Body customize your treatment specifically to your body to treat the underlying cause of your skin discoloration. Let’s go over some options available to you.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

Endovenous laser treatment is the method that’s used to correct the most common underlying cause of varicose veins, or the veins that bulge out of the skin and cause discoloration. This treatment, becoming a more popular treatment option, has a 98 percent success rate while staying minimally invasive.


Sclerotherapy is a great treatment for the appearance of spider veins that cause skin discoloration. This minimally invasive treatment uses a saline solution to irritate the veins, forcing them to swell and turn into scar tissue. This is highly effective in veins that have become visible.

Foam Sclerotherapy

This treatment works similarly to traditional sclerotherapy but uses a Polidocanol solution mixed with air to create a foam. Foam sclerotherapy is another great solution for varicose veins, rather than spider veins like traditional sclerotherapy.


Also called phlebectomy, mircrophlebectomy is a safe an effective procedure for the removal of varicose veins. This minimally invasive procedure is often paired with the first of our treatments, endovenous laser treatments, for maximum effectiveness.

The Cost

The cost of your vein discoloration treatment is going to be as tailored to you as the treatment itself. Because of this, the best way to know how much your treatment will cost is to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. David West. Vein and Body also offers financing options for your convenience.

If you are interested in learning more about which treatment plan is right for you, contact us to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. West today.