Sandusky, OH Physician Explains Why a Cannula is Better than a Needle

Injectables in Sandusky, OHWhen getting procedures done, we want things to go as smoothly as possible and have very little recovery time after. Something as simple as the instrument used can make all the difference in your procedure. One can wreak havoc on your minimal recovery, whereas the other can save you from excess swelling and bruising.

Cannula vs. Needle

Everyone knows what a needle looks like – a pointed metal object with a hole through the center to deliver products into the skin. What makes a cannula so different is the fact it has a long, blunt tip to it instead of a sharp tip to it. This blunt tip can make all the difference in the use of the object and how your products are administered.

The Advantages of the Cannula

There are several advantages the cannula has over the traditional needle. Let’s break down some of the greatest advantages to using a cannula for your procedure.

One Point of Entry

The advantage of using a cannula instead of a needle is using only one point of entry to do the job. This doesn’t sound like a very big difference, but think about what this means for you and your body. Having one point of entry means you don’t have to get stuck with a needle multiple times to get your job done. You will also minimize the amount of swelling and bruising that may come with multiple points of entry.

Blunt, Long Tip

The tip of the cannula is blunt and long – each of which has an advantage over a needle. A blunt tip to the cannula means it is less likely to pierce a vein or artery, which is better for you. This results in less swelling and bruising when injecting fillers into the skin. The long end of the cannula allows for fewer points of entry, as it reaches further into the skin than a needle. This also allows for a reduction of swelling and bruising after your procedure.

To the Point

The cannula is superior for producing results you’ll love when getting dermal fillers and injectables. The single point of entry that the cannula provides, along with its elongated tip and blunt end, allow for minimal swelling and bruising after your procedure. This makes it, in our eyes, greater than the needle.

If you are interested in learning more about how your products can be delivered using a cannula instead of a needle, contact us to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. David West. He’ll be able to go over your personalized treatment plan and potential financing options during this time.