Sandusky Doctor Discusses Varithena® Treatments vs. Asclera Treatments

When it comes to your skin, you want to feel confident and beautiful. Varicose veins can put a huge damper on your self-confidence. Thankfully, at Vein & Body Specialists, we offer several varicose vein treatment options.

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are thick, bulging veins that are visible on the surface of the skin. These veins often appear as lumps on the legs, calves, and thighs. They often form during pregnancy and most commonly appear near the groin or buttocks.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins form when veins are weak or damaged. This causes the valves in the vein to pool blood and results in a bulging appearance. Varicose veins can cause several symptoms throughout the body. Men and women may experience pain, swelling, cramps, feelings of heavy legs, and skin discoloration.

What is Varithena® Treatment?

Varicose Vein Treatment in Sandusky, OH

Varithena® is an injectable medical foam that is designed to treat the appearance and symptoms of varicose veins. It is known as a microfoam chemical ablation. Varithena® is injected into the problem areas of your veins. This foam will fill and collapse the affected veins. This process then redesigns the blood flow to go through healthier veins.

These treatments can be administered every 3 days until veins are resolved. Your doctor will better discuss the number of treatments that you need, but most patients receive between 3 and 4 treatments. Each treatment session lasts one hour.

What is Asclera Treatment?

Asclera is a form of sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a vein treatment that is minimally invasive and uses a saline solution to treat the affected vein areas. This process is performed by injecting the affected vein with the solution. This causes the vein to swell and turn into scar tissue which reduces the appearance and problems of the varicose veins.

Aslcera is used to treat small spider-like veins in the legs. This treatment cannot be used to treat varicose veins larger than 3mm. This is not a permanent treatment option. The number of treatment injections that you will need will depend on the number of spider veins that need to be treated.

Which Treatment Option is Better for Your Varicose Veins?

Because Varithena® and Asclera treat two different types of varicose veins, it is not uncommon that your doctor will recommend which treatment option is better. If you suffer from large, painful varicose veins that appear as lumpy bulges on the skin, Varithena® is going to be a better treatment option for you. If you have small spider veins, Asclera will better treat your veins.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your pesky varicose veins? Contact us at Vein & Body Specialists. We will set up a consultation to discuss your varicose vein treatment options. We are located in Bellevue, Ohio, and we help patients in the surrounding communities, including Sandusky.