Make Your Melasma Disappear

While freckles may be trending as a cute, endearing facial feature in today’s social media, melasma is never a good look. Although it is not painful or harmful to have, melasma is often a pesky skin discoloration that many of our patients are eager to get rid of. Let’s dive deep into the mystery that is melasma and what you can do to prevent it from making an appearance.

What is Melasma?

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Melasma is a skin condition common in women that causes gray or brown patches of skin around the face. Often referred to as “pregnancy mask,” or its popularity in appearing among women with hormonal fluctuations, melasma has the opportunity to show up anywhere on the face and body that is not well taken care of or protected from sun exposure. Having melasma doesn’t have to be the end of the world. There are plenty of ways to treat patches of melasma and further prevent them from appearing, including the following:

Always Use Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays do more than just prevent the opportunity of developing skin cancer. One of the most effective ways to reduce the appearance of melasma is by using SPF and other tactics to protect your skin from sun exposure on a daily basis. We recommend using a skin moisturizer containing SPF 30 or higher and wearing protective clothing, like a hat, when outdoors for a long period of time.

Avoid Melasma Triggers

What many people don’t know is that melasma, like any other skin condition, has triggers that can cause flare-ups. In addition to hormonal fluctuations, melasma can start to appear the most during bouts or poor sleep and excessive stress, when using irritating or harsh skincare ingredients like parabens and sulfates, and when being exposed to heat. While you may not be able to avoid all of the triggers all of the time, it’s important you take these triggers into consideration if you see your melasma flaring up.

Use Gentle Skincare Products

As we said before, it’s important you pay attention to the type of skincare you choose in order to avoid melasma flare-ups. Many drugstores and over-the-counter skincare products use harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates to clean the skin, but these chemicals can do a lot of damage over time. We recommend seeking out medical-grade skincare, like SkinMedica® or Skinceuticals® products, designed specifically to avoid the harsh chemicals that damage the skin and cause the appearance of melasma.

Ask the Professionals (That’s us)

Tackling any skin condition alone can be a hefty task. We encourage you to ask for help. At Vein & Body Specialists, we take all of your skincare needs into consideration to develop a fully personalized treatment plan to target your problems at their core. We want to help you reveal the beautiful skin you truly have, whether that means recommending you undergo skin rejuvenation treatments or follow a new skincare routine.

If you’re ready to take the step to treat your melasma, call our office today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. David West.