Leg Swelling /Lymphedema in Sandusky, OH

For many people, varicose veins are simply a cosmetic issue. For others, varicose veins can present unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms, even on a daily basis. Leg swelling is common in individuals with varicose veins or vein disease. At Vein and Body Specialists, our team of board-certified radiologists help people suffering with leg swelling/ lymphedema caused by venous conditions. If you live in Bellevue, Sandusky, Fremont or Norwalk, Ohio you can come in for a vein disease consultation today.

What Is Leg Swelling/Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a condition that occurs when there is a buildup of fluid in the soft tissue, also called a lymphatic obstruction. This fluid buildup is a symptom of a lymphatic system dysfunction when the lymph fluid is not properly circulated from the bloodstream to the tissues of the body. Lymphedema poses a risk of infection for all affected individuals.

Lymphedema is NOT related to venous insufficiency. In many cases, lymphedema is the result of traumatized lymphatics due to leg/foot/ankle trauma due to injury, surgery, or lymph node removal due to cancer.

What Are Symptoms Of Leg Swelling (Lymphedema)?

Lymphedema is typically pretty easy to diagnose because it is often obvious that there is a buildup of fluid in the soft tissue. The signs of this condition include:

  • “Hump” of swelling of top of foot
  • Swollen limb
  • Heaviness of the limb
  • Discoloration of the limb
  • Swelling of leg and foot that DOES NOT decrease when lying to sleep at night

What Are The Available Treatments For Leg Swelling/Lymphedema?

At a consultation, our board-certified specialist will be able to evaluate the severity of your symptoms and swelling. Depending upon the severity, your treatment plan will include one or more of our effective vein disease treatments. Most commonly, leg swelling is treated with compression stockings and drainage with special messages if necessary.

The board-certified radiologists at Vein and Body Specialists can diagnose and treat leg swelling/lymphedema to prevent more serious complications. Residents in the areas of Bellevue, Sandusky, Fremont, Norwalk and the surrounding communities in Ohio, can trust our caring board-certified radiologists and staff members to treat you with the highest level of technology and care available. Contact us today to schedule a vein disease consultation.