Dr. West’s Top Five Medical-Grade Skincare Products

When it comes to taking care of your skin, the more you invest, the better off you’ll be. Over-the-counter skincare products tend to be full of fillers and harmful chemicals that can do a lot of damage to the skin over time. Dr. West is a huge believer in medical-grade skincare products and the benefits they can bring to your skin. Let’s go over his top five favorite medical skincare products that will leave your complexion feeling refreshed.

1. SkinMedica® Vitamin C + E Complex

Products in Sandusky, OHThis product, formulated with under 10 ingredients, is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E antioxidants to improve your overall skin tone and texture. The gentle ingredients make this product perfect for all skin types, no matter your skin tone or texture. Simply apply this product to your face and neck after washing your face and before applying your moisturizer each morning, and watch your skin transform before your very eyes.

2. SkinCeuticals® H.A. Intensifier

Hyaluronic acid is critical to our skin looking and feeling healthy. SkinCeuticals®’ unique formulation of pure hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts is scientifically proven to amplify the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels. By applying four to six drops of this serum to your face each day, you can reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the face while dramatically improving your skin’s overall texture. The H.A. Intensifier also has the added benefits of being paraben-free and dye-free, making it suitable for all skin types.

3. SkinMedica® HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator

This moisturizer provides you hydration all day and smooths the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles for a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance. HA5 is specially formulated with a proprietary blend of five different types of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring sugar in the body that helps to plump the skin and decrease signs of aging. Not only does it deliver immediate hydration benefits, but it also supports the skin’s ability to replenish its own hyaluronic acid in the long-term.

4. SkinCeuticals® Phyto Corrective Masque

The only face mask on our list, the Phyto Corrective Masque contains highly-concentrated botanical extracts, a calming dipeptide, and hyaluronic acid to refresh and replenish the skin. This soothing mask cools on contact with your skin, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Dr. West recommends having this product on hand to use after a workout, after excessive sun exposure, post-travel, and following laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

5. Dermablend® Quick Fix® Concealer Stick

We understand that your skincare routine doesn’t stop at naturally beautiful skin. We support the use of Dermablend® makeup products. Dermablend® is a makeup line created by a dermatologist to bring artistry and skin health together. The Dermablend® Quick Fix® Concealer Stick is dermatologist-tested, sensitive skin-tested, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic and formulated without the use of parabens. This dermatologist-approved multi-tasking concealer helps to seamlessly blur away imperfections for up to 16 hours without ruining your healthy skin.

Want to learn more about our medical-grade skincare products? Contact us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. West. He’ll sit down with you, listen to your skin concerns and develop a fully personalized treatment plan to help you get the skin of your dreams.