Dermaplaning in Sandusky, OH

Dermaplaning is a comfortable skin rejuvenation treatment that can help you achieve smooth, healthy skin in a matter of minutes. At Vein & Body Specialists, we offer this treatment to residents of Sandusky, Fremont, Norwalk and the surrounding areas of Ohio.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a gentle exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin cells, peach fuzz and other debris from the skin’s surface. As a mild exfoliation treatment, dermaplaning can help patients achieve smoother, clearer skin without the downtime associated with more aggressive treatments. Therefore, it’s suitable for almost all skin types and does not interfere with your daily routine or lifestyle. Dermaplaning is an effective treatment for addressing concerns that include:

  • Peach fuzz
  • Fine wrinkles and lines
  • Dry or dull skin
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven or rough skin texture

What is the Dermaplaning Treatment Like?

The dermaplaning treatment is a simple and comfortable process, which requires no numbing or anesthetic. To perform the treatment, a small blade will be scraped across the skin, removing dead skin cells, peach fuzz and other debris. You will experience a scratching sensation during this process, but it is not considered to be painful. This technique will be used to address the entire treatment area. A single dermaplaning treatment typically takes less than 30 minutes to perform.

Is There Any Downtime After Dermaplaning?

There is no downtime or recovery period required after a dermaplaning treatment. However, you may experience some minor redness or sensitivity in the skin for a few days after your visit. For this reason, we advise patients to use sunscreen and limit their sun exposure in the days immediately following their treatment. Otherwise, patients are able to return to all usual activities following their appointment.

What Results Can I Expect From Dermaplaning?

The results from dermaplaning will be visible immediately, and patients will notice smoother, clearer skin. The dermaplaning treatment removes approximately three weeks’ worth of skin cells and peach fuzz, which means that the results from dermaplaning will last about one month. To maintain results, many patients choose to receive monthly dermaplaning treatment sessions.

How Much Does Dermaplaning Cost?

The cost of dermaplaning treatments will vary depending on the extent of treatment necessary to produce your desired results, as well as the number of treatment sessions recommended. During your visit to Vein & Body Specialists, we’ll develop your customized treatment plan and will then be able to provide you with the exact cost of your dermaplaning treatment. We offer financing for all of our treatment services to keep them affordable for all patients.

Dermaplaning FAQs

Yes, dermaplaning is a great treatment for the face because of its ability to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. By removing fine hairs, dead skin cells and other debris from the skin, dermaplaning leaves the skin’s surface smoother and brighter. Dermaplaning may also help diminish superficial skin damage such as fine lines and wrinkles or acne scarring.
No – it is a common misconception that hair grows back thicker after dermaplaning. Dermaplaning removes the hair, but does not alter the underlying hair follicles. This means that any hair removed during dermaplaning will grow back in the same condition. Additional dermaplaning treatments can be used to remove this hair and maintain smooth skin.
Side effects of dermaplaning are mild in nature, and typically include redness, irritation and sensitivity in the treatment area. Fortunately, there is no recovery period required as these side effects usually fade within a few hours. Patients are even able to return to work and other normal activities after their treatment! Just remember to use sunscreen or other methods of sun protection to avoid damaging the newly-revealed skin.
Dermaplaning is similar to shaving in that it removes vellus hairs from the skin, leaving it smooth and hairless. However, a key difference is that dermaplaning also exfoliates the skin, while shaving only removes hair. With the added benefit of exfoliation, dermaplaning can remove dry or damaged skin cells to reveal brighter, healthier skin. As such, dermaplaning provides greater skin benefits than shaving or hair removal treatments.

Are you considering dermaplaning at Vein & Body Specialists? If so, contact us today to learn more or schedule your initial consultation. Located in Bellevue, we welcome patients from Sandusky, Norwalk, Fremont and the surrounding regions of Ohio.