Compression Stockings in Sandusky, OH

Once you have varicose veins, there is nothing you can do to get rid of them at home. However, you can take measures to help prevent further development and complications associated with varicose veins. Compression stockings are an integral part of ensuring vein treatment is successful and long-term. Located in Bellevue and serving Sandusky, Fremont, and Norwalk, Ohio, the board-certified radiologists at Vein and Body Specialists offer compression stockings for varicose vein prevention and maintenance. Our highly-skilled specialists are known for providing caring, courteous and expert service.

What Are Compression Stockings?Compression Stockings in Sandusky, OH

These stockings are simple garments that apply pressure to the affected area, legs, and ankles, to prevent swelling, blood clots and leg heaviness. Compression stockings help to improve circulation by gently squeezing the leg to help the blood flow properly. Patients who have symptoms of vein disease or who have just undergone vein treatment typically wear compression stockings to aid in treatment.

Am I A Candidate For Compression Stockings?

If you have varicose veins that do not require immediate professional treatment, you are a candidate to wear compression stockings. You are also a candidate for compression stockings if you underwent professional vein treatment to help maximize results and minimize the likelihood of any complications.

Who Is Not A Candidate For Compression Stockings?

If you have vein disease symptoms and conditions, we may recommend a vein treatment in addition to compression stockings. Compression stockings are not a replacement for proper treatment of significant vein disease.

How Long Do I Need To Wear Compression Stockings?

If you’ve just had vein treatment at our office, we recommend wearing compression stockings for at least one week following your treatment.

If you are wearing compression stockings for preventative reasons, we recommend wearing compression stockings as much as needed. For some, this means wearing compression stockings when traveling or long periods of sitting or standing. Many people enjoy the reprieve of leg heaviness, swelling and achiness that compression stockings provide and choose to wear them regularly.

Are Compression Stockings Safe?Compression Stockings in Sandusky, OH

At Vein and Body Specialists, we only utilize the safest and most effective treatments for vein disease, symptoms, and conditions. Compression stocking garments are absolutely a safe way to conservatively maintain and prevent varicose veins from progressing into more difficult-to-treat conditions such as an open area (ulcer) that will not heal. While compression stockings are proven safe and effective, please keep in mind that they are not a professional treatment replacement. If you think you may need professional treatment in addition to compression stockings, contact us today for a consultation. We offer many effective and safe in-office treatments to address varicose vein signs and symptoms and the underlying cause.

Vein and Body Specialists understands that even slight venous symptoms can be troublesome and inconvenient, and offers compressions stockings to all candidates as a result. Patients in and around Bellevue, Sandusky, Fremont, Norwalk and the surrounding communities in Ohio can trust our board-certified radiologists to recommend the most effective varicose vein prevention and maintenance plan for you.  Contact us today for a consultation!